Guidance on how to help organisations during the Coronavirus pandemic

As we’re being instructed to stay at home to slow the spread of Coronavirus and protect vulnerable members of our society, it’s a stark reminder of the unimaginable challenges rough sleepers and homeless people face.

41% of homeless people have a chronic illness and for those sleeping rough or living in hostels and temporary accommodation, many of which have shared facilities, it is impossible to self-isolate.

Coronavirus has increased the risk and likelihood of many families becoming homeless, especially those on low incomes and living in poverty, as many people have lost or are losing their source of income.

Many vulnerable people rely on the services of charities that are seeing a dramatic decrease in income, increase in demand and are in need of support more than ever.

If you and your business are in the position to; we appreciate you may want to provide support at this time. We recommend focusing on immediate emergency relief for those in need and the long term sustainability of charities, so that they can continue to address disadvantage in the future. We suggest you do this in the following ways:


You should take direction from the agency you are working with to ensure that you volunteer safely.

If you would like an further guidance on how to help homeless people, please contact:

If you would like further information regarding the Charter and how it’s aiming to help during this testing time, please contact:

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